Anna Beck increases LoyaltyLion revenue by 240%

Jack Hutchinson
May 5, 2023


Anna Beck celebrates the beauty of connection, working with heritage artisans in Bali who practice the art of handmade techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Status Features: Passwordless login, One-Click login, Continue Browsing, Saved from Cart, Me Button

Integrations: LoyaltyLion

Loyalty Sign-Ups Change: +318%

Loyalty Revenue Change: +240%


Anna Beck’s Loyalty Program Success

Anna Beck launched Status to improve their signed-in shopping experience. In addition to using our login and shopping tools, Anna Beck enabled our LoyaltyLion integration to display points in the account. With the integration active Anna Beck increased loyalty program enrollment by 318% and loyalty revenue by 240%.

How Anna Beck Increased Loyalty Program Performance

To enroll more customers into Anna Beck’s loyalty program and increase loyalty revenue, we recommended three tactics:

  1. Reduce sign-in friction by offering one-click and passwordless login. This automatically enrolled every signed-in shopper into loyalty.
  2. Personalize the signed-in shopping experience by activating Status shopping tools - Continue Browsing and Saved Items. This primed customers to use points on high-intent products.
  3. Put points at shoppers’ fingertips and supercharge loyalty revenue by integrating Status and LoyaltyLion.

Eliminating Sign-In Friction to Increase Loyalty Program Enrollment

On average, loyalty members spend 47% more than shoppers who checkout as guests, so program enrollment is key for success.

Status One-Click login enables Shopify Plus brands to enroll customers into loyalty by driving account creation, post-purchase.

When a customer clicks to view or track their order from the order confirmation email, they are redirected to their customer account and automatically signed in for up to six months.

In addition to One-Click login, Status also provides shoppers with passwordless sign-in methods.

By giving their loyalty program a passwordless sign-in experience, Anna Beck converted every signed-in shopper into a loyalty program member. This resulted in a 318% increase in program enrollment.

Driving Point Redemption with Status Shopping Tools

Without Status, customers visit 3 times on average before making a purchase and start from scratch each time. Status Continue Browsing saves recently viewed products to the customer account. Similarly, Saved Items automatically saves products abandoned from cart to the account.

This allows signed-in shoppers to revisit high-intent products during future signed-in sessions.

With Status Shopping tools active, Anna Beck increased shopping activity within the customer account.

Supercharging Loyalty Revenue

The Status LoyaltyLion integration allows Shopify Plus brands to display points within the customer account. For signed-in shoppers, this puts points at their fingertips. Coupled with shopping tools like Continue Browsing and Saved Items, brands using Status supercharge loyalty revenue.

After integrating LoyaltyLion and Status, Anna Beck experienced a 240% increase in Loyalty Revenue.


Anna Beck launched Status to improve their customer account experience. In addition to turning their customer account into a shopping assistant, they also improved loyalty program performance by integrating LoyaltyLion with Status. Ultimately, this resulted in 318% more shoppers enrolled in loyalty and a 240% increase in loyalty revenue.

How to Improve Your Loyalty Program

LoyaltyLion customers can use Status to convert their customer account into a shopping assistant and improve loyalty program performance. By removing sign-in friction, personalizing the signed-in shopping experience, and improving point visibility, you can unlock loyalty growth today.

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