Baseballism increases LoyaltyLion point redemptions by 33%

Jack Hutchinson
March 18, 2023


Baseballism is the official off the field brand of baseball that sells a variety of apparel for men, women, and children.

Status Features: Passwordless login, One-Click login, Continue Browsing, Saved Items

Integrations: LoyaltyLion

Before Status: 2,985 points redeemed / 100 orders

After Status: 3,989 points redeemed / 100 orders

Change: 33%


Baseballism’s Point Redemption Grand Slam

Baseballism launched Status to improve their signed-in shopping experience. In addition to using our login and shopping tools, Baseballism enabled our LoyaltyLion integration to display points in the account. With the integration active and customer account optimized, Baseballism not only increased signed-in shoppers, but also increased point redemption by 33%.

Baseballism’s Strategy to Increase Point Redemption

To help Baseballism enroll more customers into their loyalty program and improve loyalty point redemption, we recommended three tactics:

  1. Reduce sign-in friction by offering one-click login and eliminating passwords. This enabled more shoppers to enroll in their loyalty program.
  2. Drive point redemption within the customer account by activating shopping tools - Continue Browsing and Saved Items. This personalized the signed-in shopping experience and primed customers to use points on saved products.
  3. Incentivize account and loyalty engagement by using the LoyaltyLion Integration. This ensures that all point creation and redemption activities take place when shoppers are signed-in.

Eliminating Sign-In Friction to Increase Loyalty Program Enrollment

Status One-Click login enables Shopify Plus brands to enroll more shoppers into loyalty programs by driving account creation, post-purchase.

When a customer clicks to view their order, they are taken to their customer account and automatically signed-in for up to six months.

With One-Click Login activated, Baseballism drives more customers into accounts through the order confirmation email.

Status brands generally drive 30% more sign-ins with One-Click Login activated.

Driving Point Redemption with Status Continue Browsing

Without Status, customers visit 3 times on average before making a purchase and start from scratch each time. Status Continue Browsing saves recently viewed items to the customer account. This allows signed-in shoppers to pickup where they left off and re-engage with items that they recently viewed.

Items featured in Continue Browsing are unique to each customer - this personalizes the shopping experience and primes signed-in shoppers to convert.

By enabling Continue Browsing, Baseballism helps customer’s find products they recently viewed and are likely to use points on.

Driving Point Redemption with Status Saved Items

Shoppers frequently use the cart as a wishlist. They add multiple items to the cart, abandon cart, and purchase a few of these items during future sessions.

We built Saved Items with this behavior in mind. By automatically saving items that are added or removed from cart to the customer account, shoppers can easily re-engage with high-intent products.

By placing Status Saved Items next to the LoyaltyLion integration, Baseballism was able to increase point redemption and revenue.

Supercharging Point Redemption by Integrating LoyaltyLion Rewards

The Status LoyaltyLion integration allows Shopify Plus brands to embed rewards within the customer account. For signed-in shoppers, this puts points at their fingertips. Coupled with shopping tools like Continue Browsing and Saved from Cart, brands using Status supercharge point redemption and conversion.

Additionally, by integrating rewards, signed-in shoppers are automatically logged into LoyaltyLion and stay signed-in for up to 6 months.

After integrating Status and LoyaltyLion, Baseballism saw a 33% increase in point redemptions.


Baseballism sought to improve their signed-in shopping experience. By launching Status, they signed-in more shoppers, drove shopping activity within the customer account, and improved loyalty program engagement by 33%.

How You Can Generate the Same Results

Shopify Plus brands using Status not only sign-in more shoppers, but also get more from their existing technology. Signed-in shoppers drive more account engagement, and brands that unite their existing tech get more shoppers signed-in. If you’d like to get more from your customer account experience and supercharge your existing technology, reach out to us today.

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