Burlap & Barrel increases AOV 19%

Jack Hutchinson
April 12, 2023


Burlap & Barrel is a Public Benefit Corporation building new international spice supply chains that are equitable, transparent and traceable.

Status Features: Passwordless Login, Continue Browsing, Saved from Cart

Status AOV Increase: 19%


Adding Spice to Burlap & Barrel’s Customer Account

Burlap & Barrel offers shoppers a wide variety of sustainably sourced spices from across the globe. Their customers are loyal, often make repeat purchases, and enjoy adding new spices to their collections. Burlap & Barrel launched Status to create an engaging signed-in shopping experience that encourages repeat purchases and makes trying new spices easy.

With Status, they’ve signed-in more shoppers and unlocked additional revenue. In fact, Status is so effective at influencing shopping behavior that Burlap & Barrel orders driven through Status have a 19% higher AOV.

Two Status features are responsible for boosting Burlap & Barrel’s AOV: Saved Items and Continue Browsing. Here’s how they’ve contributed to Burlap & Barrel’s signed-in shopping success.

Using Status Status Saved Items to increase AOV

Status Saved Items automatically saves products from abandoned carts to the customer account. These items are visible to signed-in shoppers during future sessions and help recapture abandoned revenue.

By saving abandoned items to the customer account, signed-in shoppers are more likely to add them to cart at a later date. This streamlines the on-site experience and makes previously carted items more sticky. As a result, brands using Status Saved Items see higher AOV.

With Status Saved Items active, Burlap & Barrel customers are able to add a variety of spices to cart, checkout with a few, and purchase those that were abandoned in the future - directly from the customer account. By converting the customer account into a shopping tool, Status Saved Items drove 62% of Burlap & Barrel’s AOV increase.

Using Status Continue Browsing to INCREASE AOV

While variety is the spice of life, large collections and a sea of variants can be off-putting to shoppers and reduce the likelihood of conversion. With Continue Browsing activated, signed-in shoppers navigate their shopping journey with confidence, knowing that items they’ve previously viewed will be saved to the customer account.

For a brand like Burlap & Barrel, this gives signed-in shoppers the freedom to explore new spices while also ensuring that recently viewed items are not forgotten. Additionally, items saved to Continue Browsing give customers a starting point during future signed-in shopping sessions. By personalizing the signed-in shopping experience with previously viewed items, Status Continue Browsing contributed to 38% of Burlap & Barrel’s increase in AOV.


Burlap & Barrel uses Status signed-in shopping tools like Saved Items and Continue Browsing to create a hyper personalized signed-in shopping experience. With these tools enabled, Burlap & Barrel shoppers can easily engage with previously viewed spices during future signed-in shopping sessions. This gives customers the freedom to explore Burlap & Barrel’s catalog with confidence. Since turning the customer account into a shopping assistant, Burlap & Barrel has experienced 19% higher AOV from orders driven through Status.

How You Can Boost Your AOV

Shopify Plus brands using Status not only sign-in more shoppers, but also get more from their existing technology, while improving their bottom line. If you’d like to get more from your customer account experience and drive more revenue, reach out to us today.

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