Princess Polly increases AOV 24%

Jack Hutchinson
March 19, 2023


Princess Polly is the ultimate global fashion destination for trendsetters who want the latest Insta-ready, TikTok-approved, celeb-worthy looks and they want them now.

Status Features: Passwordless login, Continue Browsing, Saved Items

Integrations: Loop Returns, Yotpo

Status AOV Increase: 24%


Increasing Princess Polly’s AOV

Princess Polly replaced their customer account experience with Status in 2022 - going live before Black Friday and signing in shoppers through BFCM and the holiday season.

The Princess Polly team, eager to provide shoppers with a personalized account experience, designed their account using custom CSS, integrated their existing loyalty and support technology, and enabled several Status features that help signed-in shoppers shop.

With Status, they’ve signed-in more shoppers, improved engagement with their existing tech, and unlocked additional revenue. In fact, Status is so effective at influencing shopping behavior that Princess Polly orders driven through Status have a 24% higher AOV.

Although Status offers a robust feature set designed to convert guests into signed-in shoppers, help them shop, and enhance existing tech, two features are responsible for boosting Princess Polly’s AOV: Saved Items and Continue Browsing.

Using Status Saved Items to drive AOV

Status Saved Items automatically saves products from abandoned carts to the customer account. These items are visible to signed-in shoppers during future sessions to help recapture abandoned revenue.

Item visibility in Saved Items outlasts abandoned cart email and SMS flows. This ensures that products with higher shopping intent remain top of mind for signed-in shoppers.

In order to increase the likelihood that abandoned items will be part of future purchases, signed-in shoppers can add products from the Saved Items collection directly to cart from their customer account. This means that shoppers don’t need to navigate through collections and product pages prior to checking out - reducing the barrier to purchase and increasing AOV as a result.

Status Saved Items is responsible for 63% of all Princess Polly revenue that is generated from signed-in shoppers. With Saved Saved Items activated, Princess Polly improves AOV and effortlessly recaptures previously abandoned revenue.

Using Status Continue Browsing to Improve Visibility of Recently Viewed Products

Status Continue Browsing automatically saves recently viewed products to the customer account. With Continue Browsing activated, signed-in shoppers can navigate their shopping journey with confidence, knowing that items they’ve previously viewed will be captured and conveniently saved. This gives shoppers the ability to peruse a brand’s website, leave, and pickup where they left off during a future session with ease.

In addition to accelerating the shopping journey, Status Continue Browsing also creates a highly customized signed-in shopping experience. Recently viewed items are saved based on individual shopping behavior - automatically capturing size, style, and product preference. For brands that offer expansive catalogs, shoppers can easily revisit items from collections that they love without needing to spend time sifting through additional products.

By enabling Status Continue Browsing, Princess Polly provides signed-in shoppers with a highly personalized experience. Signed-in shoppers automatically save items from across Princess Polly’s site to their account where they can be used in future orders. Status Continue Browsing is responsible for 37% of all Princess Polly revenue driven through Status.


Princess Polly uses Status signed-in shopping tools like Saved Items and Continue Browsing to create a hyper personalized signed-in shopping experience. With these tools enabled, Princess Polly shoppers can effortlessly re-engage with high intent items during future signed-in sessions. This has resulted in 24% higher AOV from orders driven through Status.

How You Can Boost Your AOV

Shopify Plus brands using Status not only sign-in more shoppers, but also get more from their existing technology, while improving their bottom line. On average, Status signs-in 3x more shoppers and drives 20% higher AOV. If you’d like to get more from your customer account experience and drive more revenue, reach out to us today.

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