SHEFIT increases items saved to wishlists by 2,500%

Jack Hutchinson
June 14, 2023


SHEFIT designs athletic apparel and sports bras that are designed to fit flawlessly and comfortably for every shape and size.

Status Features: Passwordless login, Continue Browsing, Saved from Cart, Wishlist, Buy It Again

Integrations: Loop Returns, Yotpo

Status Wishlist Usage Increase: 1,300%

Status Saved Products Increase: 2,500%


Increasing SHEFITs Wishlist Engagement

SHEFIT launched Status to improve their signed-in shopping experience and get more customers signed-into accounts.

In addition to activating our suite of sign-in features, integrating their tech stack, and utilizing Status shopping tools, SHEFIT also used Status to replace their wishlist experience.

This not only resulted in more customers utilizing wishlists, but also delivered a drastic increase in items being saved to wishlists for future sessions.

How Status Outperforms Average Wishlists

Status unlocks wishlist performance by giving shoppers multiple ways to save items and by getting more shoppers signed-in. This ensures that high-intent items are never lost and empowers shoppers to further their buying journey with freedom. SHEFIT saw a 1,300% increase in wishlist usage and a 2,500% increase in items saved after launching Status.

Using Status Saved Items to Improve Wishlist Performance

Status Saved Items automatically saves favorited and previously carted items to the customer account. This gives shoppers the ability to further their buying journey and easily access high-intent products on any device, anytime, from within the customer account.

Unlike traditional wishlists, products in Saved Items can be viewed and managed by shoppers from any page on a brand’s site. This puts shoppers in control of their shopping journey and prevents them from being taken away from valuable pages - PDPs, carts, checkout, etc.

For SHEFIT, Status Saved Items increased products saved by 2,500% when compared to wishlist performance. This not only improved the on-site experience for SHEFIT customers, but also provided their team with new content for email and SMS flows.

Here’s Status Saved Items in action:

Using Status Saved Collections to Improve Wishlist Performance

Status Saved Collections empowers shoppers to organize products into custom collections, from within the account. This is especially powerful for repeat customers that want to organize items for future purchases.

Similar to Saved Items, these collections can be easily added to, viewed, and managed from any page on-site. This prevents distraction during high-intent behaviors and helps push shoppers through their buying journey.

Additionally, Saved Collections can be easily shared via text, email, and social. This allows shoppers to create collections for special occasions or design collections for others. Brands using Status can use Saved Collections in email and SMS flows to serve shoppers high-intent items, or recapture interest.

Here’s a look at Status Saved Collections:


SHEFIT uses Status to improve their signed-in shopping experience and increase wishlist performance. By activating Status Saved Items and Saved Collections, SHEFIT increased wishlist usage 1,300% and saw a 2,500% increase in items saved. With Status, SHEFIT customers customize their on-site experience and shop with confidence.

How You Can Improve Wishlist Performance

Shopify Plus brands using Status not only sign-in more shoppers, but also get more from their existing technology, while improving their bottom line. On average, Status signs-in 6x more first-time customers and drives 20% higher AOV. If you’d like to get more from your wishlist and drive more revenue, reach out to us today.

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