UpWest increases signed-in shoppers by 3.3x in 30 days

Jack Hutchinson
March 6, 2023


UpWest is a sustainability focused apparel and home goods brand that provides comfort to people that need it most.

Status Features: One-Click login, Passwordless login, Account Icon on Mobile

Integrations: Loop Returns


UpWest’s Path to Driving 3.3x More Signed-In Shoppers

In order to sign-in and retain more shoppers, we recommended that UpWest focus on three strategies:

  1. Reduce sign-in friction by offering one-click login and eliminating passwords. This enables more shoppers to sign-in.
  2. Increase account visibility on mobile. This ensures that the account icon remained visible during mobile sessions.
  3. Integrate returns within the account experience. Every return becomes a signed-in shopper.

Eliminating Sign-In Friction with Status One-Click Login

Status One-Click login enables Shopify Plus brands to drive account creation and sign-ins from order confirmation emails.

When a customer clicks to view their order, they are taken to their customer account and signed-in for up to six months.

Status brands generally drive 30% more sign-ins with One-Click Login activated.

Eliminating Sign-In Friction with Passwordless Login

Status Passwordless Login enables customers to visit their account without needing a password to sign-in. Instead, customers sign-in using only their email address, or through Google. Once signed-in, customers stay signed-in for up to six months.

Passwordless accounts enhance the on-site experience for customers and drastically reduces sign-in time.

Improving Account Accessibility by Elevating the Account Icon on Mobile

By default, most Shopify themes hide the account icon on mobile, reducing account access where 85% of traffic is found.

In order to drive sign-ins, UpWest moved the search icon to the left, making space for the account icon on the right. This change put discovery tools (search and menu) together, and coupled shopping tools (account and cart) on the right.

Driving Sign-Ins by Integrating Loop Returns

Status brands drive more signed-in shoppers is by integrating loyalty, support, tracking, and returns within the customer account. The more Status integrations, the more shoppers we drive into the customer account.

Status’ Loop Returns integration enables Loop brands to convert every return into a signed-in shopper.

As an existing Loop customer, UpWest easily embedded their return experience within the customer account. Now every return is converted into a signed-in shopper for up to six months. Additionally, the integration enables UpWest customers to request returns on multiple orders from within the customer account, without needing to search their inbox for order numbers.


By enabling Status One-Click, Passwordless Login, elevating the account icon on mobile, and leveraging Status’ Loop integration, UpWest created multiple sign-in opportunities. Ultimately, this resulted in 3.3x more signed-in shoppers.

Think that’s exciting? Wait until you hear how much revenue signed-in shoppers are generating.

How You Can Generate the Same Results

UpWest’s sign-in success isn’t unusual for Shopify Plus brands using Status. Top Shopify Plus brands like Princess Polly, LSKD, and SHEFIT use Status to drive more signed-in shoppers and turn the customer account into a revenue generating tool.

You can too. See how today.

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