How to identify customers with accounts in Shopify

Jack Hutchinson
September 1, 2023

5 Steps for Finding the Percentage of Customers that are Shopping Signed-In

  1. Sign into
  2. Click the “Customers” tab
  3. Enter: last_order_date >= -12m and save this number. This is your total customers in the last 12 months.
  4. Enter: last_order_date >= -12m and customer_account_status = 'ENABLED’ and save this number. This is the number of your customers in the last 12 months that have created an account.
  5. Divide your total number of customers in the last 12 months with an account (# from step 4) by your total number of customers in the last 12 months (# from step 3) to find your % of customers that are creating accounts.

Interpreting Your Sign-In Rate

Your sign-in rate likely falls into one of two categories - below 15% or above 30%. If you are signing-in less than 15% of your customers, your sign-in process is creating log-in friction or you are underutilizing opportunities to drive more sign-ins.

If your sign-in rate is above 30%, your customers are likely signing-in to access support, rewards, or returns. Your account experience is not driving revenue for your brand.

How Status Can Help

Shopify Plus brands with low sign-in rates can use Status to convert more visitors into signed-in shoppers by offering passwordless and one-click login. Additionally, for brands that are investing in loyalty and post-purchase tools like Yotpo and Loop Returns, Status offers integrations that convert every point redemption and return into signed-in shoppers. Shopify Plus brands like UpWest have seen a 3x increase in sign-in rates since removing login friction and integrating their existing tech with Status.

For brands that have started to invest in their signed-in shopping experience and are interested in converting the customer account into a source of revenue, Status shopping tools can drive signed-in shoppers towards conversion. On average, Shopify Plus brands using Status see a 10% CTR from the customer account to PDPs. Additionally, these brands are automatically saving millions of dollars in high-intent items monthly.

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