Partners Vol. 2

Joe Vancena
January 3, 2023

Hey everyone, we’re back with our second partner update. Huge thanks to everyone that reached out after receiving last month’s edition - glad you loved it and please keep the feedback coming.

Let’s jump into it…

Vol. 02 👇

Thank You

February was our best month to date 💪 Special thanks to:

  • Loop Returns
  • Varfaj Agency
  • By Association Only
  • Stream Commerce
  • Happy Returns

Integration Activity

  • 1,100,000 total account visits (!!)
  • 90,000 shoppers sent to our loyalty partners
  • 83,000 shoppers sent to our returns partners
  • 64,000 shoppers sent to our tracking partners
Status Partners

New Releases

Last week we (re)launched our integration with Loop - it’s been a hit. Here’s what Status is unlocking for Loop brands.

For You & Your Brands

If your brands offer exchanges, you might be over-reporting purchase frequency and under-reporting AOV 🫣 Here’s a quick way to help.

Customer Case Study


Want a refresh on Status or a closer look at our roadmap? Grab time with me here.

Have a brand that could benefit from Status? Let’s start the convo.

Looking forward to a great month ahead! Catch you in April.

Joe ✌️

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