The future of signed-in shopping with Joe Vancena

Joe Vancena
November 28, 2023

2:16 – Introduction to Status, accounts, & identity

3:26 – Why personalization has failed to deliver

5:11 – How to solve personalization when customer data is getting harder to acquire

8:15 – Looking back on Facebook & what led users to share their personal data

9:46 – How would ecommerce change if 100% of sessions were signed-in?

12:55 – The problems Status solves for retention marketers

15:52 – Combining customer accounts & anonymous session tracking

19:52 – Comparing US student loan payments ($100B/yr) vs. Shopify GMV ($200B/yr)

23:22 – Products that get cut in a recession vs. products that reflect a customer’s identity

27:45 – Subscriptions, consumables, and customer accounts

34:29 – The short- & long-term future of “signed-in shopping”

36:50 – Who owns the customer: social platforms, commerce platforms, apps, or brands?

40:30 – Why brands need to remove “powered by…” & stop apps from taking customers

42:03 – Profitability & the work that begins after first-purchase  

46:02 – Distractions vs. the most important thing = get first-time customers signed-in

48:26 – Extended sign-in windows

51:52 – An example signed-in shopping experience with points & rewards

55:43 – What’s next for Status?

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