Turning returned orders into signed-in shoppers

Joe Vancena
February 1, 2023


Hello, I'm Joe Vancena, one of the co-founders here at Status. Status is a customer accounts platform that gets way more customers logged in and once we get them logged in, we help them shop, which is gonna help you drive retention and repeat purchases.

And we integrate deeply with loop returns, which is why you're here. So on screen really quick, three core pillars we focus on.

One is frictionless login, eliminate passwords forever, make it super easy to log in. The second is personalized shopping. Keep track of everything relevant to me as a shopper, my points, my credit, my orders, my shopping history, my cart history.

And then third while you're here, integrated support. We deeply integrate with tracking and loop to start our return. So that's what I'm gonna show you today.

Before we kick off, I'll quickly show you our loop integration slide. If you'd like this, the Loop team can send it to you.

But the big benefit of integrating Loop into your customer account is that you convert every return into a logged in customer.

And now this is great because a logged in customer converts more, they spend more, they buy more frequently and they're closer to everything else in your tech stack like loyalty and credit.

And then when you think of returns specifically, what helps is they automatically get logged into your loop portal, which I'll show you in the demo.

And then the second piece there is they can log in once to your customer account and then return multiple orders inside of Loop.

So really beneficial for the customer experience. And let's show it to you right now. So here I am on our demo store and I'm not logged in.

I'm gonna come down to the footer and click start returning. This brings me to the login screen. You can customize this to save whatever you'd like.

Enter your email to track shipments and submit returns. In this case, I'm gonna sign in with Google because it's super easy.

I'm now logged in and I'm taken directly to my order history. Now this is your complete order history. Any order even before you install status, I can now access.

So jump into an order. You can see track shipment start a return. In this case, this will take you through to Loop.

And what we're gonna help with here is the typical login experience where someone comes to your returns portal and needs to find an order number and go into their email inbox, find this order number, find the zip code and log in.

We're gonna make this a lot easier. So now I can come into this order, I can click start an exchange or return.

We send you to Loop and we log you in automatically. This customer's now logged in for up to six months depending on their cookie settings and their phone.

But now I can return this order and as I mentioned, you can return multiple orders. Now I can open a new order, start a return, and on and on we go.

With one login, I can log into Loop as many times as I'd like. So that's the loop integration. Really simple, really be beneficial for the customer.

2And then thinking of your experience of how you get this activated, I want to just quickly touch on this. If you come into your theme status is here as a single toggle.

When this toggle is on, we automatically replace your account. When this toggles off, we are gone and we are no longer your account platform.

So super easy to set up. You'll have full control of customizations, colors, fonts, weights, styling. If you're an expert you can do custom css.

So it's gonna look and feel like your brand. It's gonna look and feel like your returns portal. So if you have any questions, please reach out to your Loop sales rep that sent you this video.

Feel free to reach out to us on our website status and otherwise look forward to meeting you. Thanks.

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