Why Shopify Plus brands need to start caring about customer accounts

Jack Hutchinson
March 20, 2023

Online Shopping is Broken

The online shopping experience in 2023 is broken. Even with data collection top of mind, brands are underutilizing the opportunity to customize every site visit.

Take for example my experience and your experience when visiting a brand. They’re the same. Yet you and I are very different people. You might wear a size small, while I enjoy a large. You're into jackets, but I prefer jeans. Your shoes are one size, mine are another. You get the point.

Perhaps even more frustrating is that first-time shoppers and loyal customers receive the same on-site experience. They land on a brand’s home page, navigate through a sea of collections, find items they like, select their size or variant, add to cart, remove from cart, add some more to cart, abandon cart, checkout.

Each time customers visit a brand - regardless of the number of previous interactions they’ve had - their shopping journey begins again. As a shopper this should frustrate you. As a brand, this creates an opportunity.

Signed-In Shopping is the Answer

The customer account is one of the most recognizable icons on any site, but it’s one of the least utilized pieces of real-estate in ecommerce. Generally, we find that brands fall into 3 categories when thinking about the customer account experience:

  1. Aware - Operators know that the customer account exists, but rarely think about why signed-in shoppers matter or how they can invest in the account experience.
  2. Set and Forget - These folks have begun to think about the customer account experience and offer basic order management tools to signed-in shoppers.
  3. Invested - Brands that are integrating loyalty, returns, credit, and tracking among other critical pieces of their stack into the customer account fall into this category.

Just because this is the experience we’ve come to expect from signed-in shopping, doesn’t mean that it has to always be this way. Signed-in shopping is the future of on-site personalization.

Customer Accounts Capture First Party Data

With personalization top of mind, capturing first party data is a must have for modern ecommerce brands and the customer account provides the perfect opportunity for data capture.

Once a visitor becomes a signed-in shopper, they begin leaving trails of data across a site. Each product interaction, page view, click, add-to-cart, point redemption, return request, wishlist add, etc. are all data points that shoppers leave for brands to collect. Few ecommerce tools exist to extract value from these interactions.

Customer Accounts Increase AOV

Signed-in shoppers generally add more items to their wishlists and cart. Instead of saving items in tabs, they take the time to save products they like for later. They’re organized and display a higher degree of purchase intent.

Until now, these high-intent shoppers haven’t had the ability to automatically save items they love to their customer account. By saving items automatically, the shopping experience can be personalized and items resurfaced for future sessions. Now it becomes possible for shoppers to have different on-site experiences with the same brand.

Customer Accounts Drive Retention

Remember what we said earlier? Every time a shopper begins a new session, their shopping journey starts again. It’s like starting a book from page one every time you pick it up.

With this in mind, signed-in shopping enables customers to continue their shopping journey. They pickup where they left off. Just as you’re more likely to finish that book if you make progress each time you read it, shoppers are more likley to convert and buy again when their customer journey progresses on every visit.

The Status Customer Account

Status is the customer account that drives LTV by saving every step of the customer journey. Our portal automatically saves every product view, click, save, add-to-cart, etc.

With Status enabled, Shopify Plus brands can create hyper-personalized signed-in shopping experiences that are tailored to every customer. The Status customer account automatically signs customers in, helps them shop, and integrates seamlessly with existing loyalty and retention apps (ex. Yotpo, Loop, Rise.ai, etc.).

The Status customer account drives more signed-in shoppers and increases customer engagement through three core pillars.

  • Passwordless log-in - Automatically sign customers into their customer account and keep them signed-in for up to six months.
  • Shopping tools - Help customers shop faster and with more confidence by displaying high-intent products first.
  • Integrated tech - Use points, returns, and credits as opportunities to get more shoppers signed-in.

By investing in the customer account experience with Status, Shopify Plus brands like Princess Polly and SHEFIT have increased signed-in shoppers by up to 40% and automatically saved millions of dollars in high-intent products. Impact improves further when brands unite their tech stack with Status - on average, point redemption increases 2x when integrating loyalty and account creation increases 3x when integrating returns.

Launching Your Customer Account Experience

Shopify Plus brands can begin signing in more shoppers while boosting conversion metrics by investing in the customer account. Unlock a rewarding customer account experience that drives revenue by launching Status today.

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