How Status and Gamma Waves helped Carbon38 create an account experience that beat the benchmarks

Jack Hutchinson
June 18, 2024

Results Snapshot

+100% increase first-time customers creating accounts

+17.9% AOV from signed-in shoppers

$11 in revenue per account

"With Status and Gamma Waves, we’ve designed an on-brand customer account experience that’s converting browsing activity into purchases. It’s great for shoppers who visit our site a few times before checking out. Plus, our team loves how Status connects to other apps in our stack to drive more sign-ins and improve retention."
– Mackenzie Lamberton, Sr. Manager of Product & Site Experience, Carbon38

About Gamma Waves

Gamma Waves is a leading Shopify Plus agency focused on building experiences that drive growth. Since 2013, they’ve worked with hundreds of clients like Carbon38, Fekkai, and Supergoop!, on projects ranging from strategy and development, to UX and CRO. Gamma Waves partnered with Status in early 2023 to offer clients a best-in-class customer account experience.

"Partnering with leading tech in the Shopify ecosystem ensures that we can offer our clients the best experience possible. Since partnering with Status, several of our clients have redesigned their customer account experience – the results have been phenomenal."
– Sarah Gallagher, CEO, Gamma Waves


Carbon38 is a luxury activewear brand that designs performance apparel for women. Their silhouettes are thoughtfully curated – supporting women throughout life, not just at the gym. Like their catalog, the Carbon38 team has carefully crafted relationships with agency and tech partners to ensure a seamless on-site experience for shoppers – enter Status and Gamma Waves.

With a robust catalog, and products spanning leggings to sweaters and jackets to swimwear, Carbon38 sought to design a customer account experience that supports shoppers throughout their buying journey. Through Status’ shopping tools and Gamma Waves’ expertise, Carbon38 now offers a powerful signed-in shopping experience that mirrors the rest of their site.

The Carbon38 Customer Account Experience

How Carbon38 Increased First-Time Customers with Accounts by 100%

Update all customer account entry points

Increasing sign-ins is crucial to boosting cart sizes and increasing LTV. Carbon38 employs several strategies to serve as valuable entry points for boosting sign-in rates – navigation, integrations, and post-purchase behavior.

To maximize account creation, Carbon38 strategically places entry points on-site. This includes prominently displaying the account icon in the nav.

Integrate post-purchase apps to drive sign-ins

A connected tech stack offers many benefits when it comes to signed-in shopping. In particular, leveraging post-purchase apps for returns and tracking can help boost sign-in rates since shoppers track orders 4X or more on average, and 30% of purchases are returned on average. Using these activities to capture more signed-in shoppers is simple – our recommendation to brands is to link returns and tracking CTAs (usually found in the footer) to Status’ orders page. This ensures that tracked and returned orders contribute toward capturing signed-in shoppers. Carbon38 leverages both entry points.

Leverage Status One Click to automatically sign-in shoppers

Our most powerful sign-in feature automatically signs shoppers into their account using magic links within transactional emails. One Click is especially good at capturing first-time customers – a costly segment to acquire. Carbon38 utilizes One Click in transactional emails to automatically sign shoppers into their accounts post-purchase, kickstarting personalization efforts on-site.

How Carbon38 increased AOV by 17% and generated $11 per account

Automatically save browsing history with Status Recently Viewed

Shoppers visit three times on average before making a purchase – starting from scratch on each visit. Carbon38 uses Status Recently Viewed to automatically save browsing history directly to the customer account. This helps shoppers pick up where they left off on previous visits, improving the on-site experience and converting browsing activity into buying behavior.

Automatically save cart history with Status Saved from Cart

Shoppers often use their cart as a wishlist – adding items on each visit. Once ready to checkout, they reduce the number of items in cart, losing their shopping history forever. Recognizing this, Carbon38 uses Status Saved from Cart to automatically save carted items to the customer account before a session is abandoned. This ensures that high-intent items aren’t lost once removed from the cart – further increasing AOV from signed-in shoppers during future visits.

Create and share custom collections using Wishlist

Status’ Wishlist makes building outfits and curating custom collections easy. Carbon38 empowers shoppers to save items they love from multiple points on-site: product pages, collections, Status Recently Viewed, and Status Saved from Cart. Carbon38 shoppers stay organized by creating custom collections which are great for building wardrobes, tracking seasonal outfits, and gifting. Custom collections can also be shared via email and SMS for more engagement.

Unite loyalty and post-purchase apps behind one log-in

Integrating loyalty and post-purchase apps with the customer account is an effective way to increase sign-ins, boost engagement across the tech stack, and improve app performance. Carbon38 seamlessly integrates loyalty, tracking, and returns with their customer account, streamlining sign-in and creating a cohesive experience for signed-in shoppers. This also ensures that Carbon38 engages shoppers at various points in their journey.

How Carbon38’s Customer Account Beats the Benchmark

On average, apparel brands using Status generate $6 per account. Carbon38 surpasses the benchmark by 58% due to a well-integrated and thoughtfully designed signed-in shopping experience. In addition to supporting customers throughout their buying journey – from shopping tools to post-purchase integrations – Carbon38 worked with Gamma Waves to ensure their account experience felt on-brand, mirroring the cart design and various elements on-site. Their wholistic approach to signed-in shopping continues to deliver results that exceed our benchmarks.

Try Status for 30 days

Looking for ways to enhance on-site personalization, improve retention, and supercharge the shopping experience? Use Carbon38’s playbook to convert your customer account into a shopping tool in minutes with Status. Our team, in partnership with Gamma Waves, can guide you through onboarding and show you how to unlock the power of signed-in shopping. Get Started Today.

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