How True Classic's Customer Account Increases LTV and Unites the Shopping Experience

Jack Hutchinson
April 12, 2024

True Classic's Formula for Signed-in Shopping Success

Results Snapshot

First-time customers creating accounts increased by 116%.

When using shopping tools inside the account, AOV increased by 24%.

After 90 days, customers with accounts spent 22% more than customers without accounts.

“We launched Status prior to BFCM to ensure that each touchpoint a customer has on site makes shopping with True Classic easier. The experience looks great and the results have surpassed our expectations. Signed-in shopping will play a significant role for us this year.” – Ben Yahalom, President, True Classic


True Classic has been revolutionizing wardrobe staples since 2019. With a focus on producing high-quality, comfortable, and timeless styles, they’ve rapidly become a household name and scaled to a 9-figure brand.

While their tailored tees and classic crews have played a significant role in their success, the True Classic team is also known for their appetite for testing new tactics and maintaining a laser focus on results that impact the bottom line – bigger carts, better conversion rates, and more frequent purchases. All in the pursuit of offering shoppers the best experience possible.

Having already invested in enhancing various areas on-site, in late 2023 they identified an opportunity for growth by transforming their customer account. Specifically, True Classic aimed to redesign their account experience to be entirely focused on the customer. Through an improved account experience, they’ve effortlessly captured more first-time customers and driven repeat purchases.

The True Classic Customer Account Experience

How True Classic Increased First-Time Customers with Accounts by 116%

Update all customer account entry points

Increasing sign-ins is crucial to boosting cart sizes and increasing LTV. True Classic employs several strategies to serve as valuable entry points for boosting sign-in rates – navigation, integrations, and post-purchase behavior.

To maximize account creation, True Classic strategically places entry points in multiple locations both on and off-site. This includes prominently displaying the account icon in navigation on desktop and mobile, capitalizing on opportunities to drive sign-ins from various devices.

Integrate post-purchase apps to drive sign-ins

A connected tech stack offers many benefits when it comes to signed-in shopping. In particular, leveraging post-purchase apps for returns and tracking can help boost sign-in rates since shoppers track orders 4X or more on average, and 30% of purchases are returned on average. Using these activities to capture more signed-in shoppers is simple – our recommendation to brands is to link returns and tracking CTAs to the Status order page. This ensures that every tracked and returned order becomes a signed-in shopper. True Classic plans to leverage both the return & tracking entry points in the near future.

Leverage Status One Click to automatically sign-in shoppers

Our most powerful sign-in feature automatically signs shoppers into their account using magic links that can be added to transactional emails. One Click is especially good at capturing first-time customers – a costly segment to acquire. True Classic utilizes One Click in transactional emails to automatically sign shoppers into their accounts post-purchase, kickstarting personalization efforts on-site.

How True Classic increased AOV by 24%

Automatically save browsing history with Status Recently Viewed

Shoppers visit three times on average before making a purchase – starting from scratch on each visit. True Classic uses Status Recently Viewed to automatically save browsing history directly to the customer account. This helps shoppers pick up where they left off on previous visits, improving the on-site experience and converting browsing activity into buying behavior.

Automatically save cart history with Status Saved from Cart

Many shoppers use the cart as a wishlist – adding items to their cart across multiple sessions before checking out. Recognizing this, True Classic uses Status Saved from Cart to automatically save carted items to the customer account before a session is abandoned. This ensures that high-intent items are never lost once a cookie expires and further increases AOV from signed-in shoppers during future visits.

Unite loyalty, credit, membership, and post-purchase apps behind one log-in

Integrating loyalty, credit, membership, and post-purchase with the customer account experience is an effective way to increase enrollment, engagement, and return. True Classic seamlessly integrates subscriptions, membership, tracking, and returns with their customer account, streamlining sign-in and creating a cohesive experience for signed-in shoppers. This also ensures that True Classic meets their shoppers where they are.

How True Classic Gets Signed-in Shoppers to Spend 22% More

Keep shoppers signed-in longer

Status extends the sign-in window, allowing shoppers to remain signed-in during multiple visits and automatically saving browsing history to the account. True Classic leverages this to learn more about shopper preferences, capitalize on browsing behavior, and personalize the shopping experience for visitors.

Bring shoppers back with Klaviyo

Email plays a crucial role in engaging shoppers and bringing them back on-site. Status’ Klaviyo integration unlocks signed-in shopping triggers like “Account created” and “Added to wishlist” to help brands send timely emails to signed-in shoppers. Additionally, the integration enriches Klaviyo with Status Preferences and Status Wishlist data to improve email personalization.


Putting customers first and crafting experiences that are designed to make shopping easy, is core to True Classic’s on-site strategy. That’s why the True Classic team uses Status to give shoppers the best signed-in shopping experience on Shopify. Through Status’ sign-in suite, True Classic has driven 116% more first-time customers into accounts. Once signed-in, their team utilizes shopping tools to offer shoppers a more personalized on-site experience, resulting in 24% higher AOV and 22% increase in 90-day LTV from signed-in shoppers.

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